We are officially launched!

Yipeee! Our official launch date to the public is TODAY!!! 3/11/2014!! Congrats to us :)

We've been having so much fun getting all our marketing together - the video and photo shoot was just awesome. We were photographed by the very cool Los Angeles photographer Verity Jane, and we had our hair and makeup done for the occasion by the gorgeous Gina Dowle (woooo to our all female team!) We had a fun day in the studio, and have been having a great time coming up with all sorts of fun songs to perform.

So life has been pretty awesome to say the least...and now we can't wait to get the diary full! Check out our next post to see details of our promotional offer where you can get £500 off on any booking before the end of the year! Bargain!

Busking Bellas official photo1.jpg

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